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Welcome to MeeF!

ed1371 a posted Sep 27, 14

MeeF was established in 2003.
We have played countless games and competed in just as much. We are a casual group at our core however. If you are new, check out the forums and see who we are.

Recruitment & applications
If you would like to apply, post an application in our forums. Our base requirements are: 

At least 21 years old 

Want to be part of a good community that has been around for a while

Is a team player and mature enough to represent the group 

20111111: The MeeF clan is rejuvenated after a bit of time off. 

If you have any problems with the new site let me know!

[73rd] SSG D.Tustin i think thats the name of the woodpecker that carved meef into the tree.
My_Bush High in the mountains of Colorado there stands a majestic tree... not just any tree ..BUT a tree that stands out above...
Audie Murphy Wow.. sweet MeeF photo.